I scream, you scream, MIPA screams for ice cream!

If you haven’t by now, you need to check out the MSU Dairy Store before leaving campus this afternoon. It’ll make you never want to go to Baskin Robbins again. It’s a dairy lover’s paradise! Ice cream, shakes, floats, cheese…you name it, it’s there. The smell of  right-of-the stove waffles being turned into cones hits you right when you walk through the door. The Dairy Store has every flavor you can dream of from traditional vanilla and chocolate, to coconut chocolate almond and s’mores, there’s something in the Dairy Store for everyone. This Dairy place has MIPA melting all over it. MIPA student Branden Gillis recommends a double scoop containing badge berry cheesecake and black cherry ice cream.  “I love ice cream, and this is the best I have EVER had.” Said Gillis.

Many of the classes here at MIPA have taken group trips to the Dairy Store; the Upstart staff recommends the bonding experience. You can’t go wrong with ice cream on a nice day while walking on Michigan State’s campus. Feel free to try the MSU-themed ice cream, sesquicentennial swirl, which I’ve hear is amazing, and every state fan or student has to taste. For you non-ice cream eaters out here, don’t feel left out, there’s something for you in the Dairy Store as well! Joshua Tilley would strongly recommend the raspberry sherbet. “I love every inch of this place, I’ve been here five times this week.” Said Tilley. The Dairy Store has a variety of sherbets, sorbets and smoothies that you can indulge in as well. Move over Coldstone, The MSU Dairy Store is taking over East Lansing.

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Lauryn says:
Aug 02, 2016

Loved this! The title caught my attention from the start! I will be sure to stop by the Dairy Store before leaving MSU!

Justin T. says:
Aug 03, 2016

Totally agree! The ice cream there is pretty great.

But, I do think your paragraphs are a bit long for an article about a dairy store.

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