MIPA staff members share words of wisdom for students

Being at MIPA camp, students often get wrapped up in the day to day, and seldom think about all the hard work the staff members put in. The countless activities going on throughout the day and constant support given is all provided by these staff members, who are rarely recognized for their dedication.

MIPA Minion, Joel Beeker

Meet Joel Beeker. According to Beeker, he is what is called a MIPA Minion, a person who essentially carries out any tasks a staff member needs.

 “I think that they [students] should know how hard we actually work for them…the people in the office, we do a lot of work to put this on. I started working here at the beginning of summer and we’ve been working since then to put this on. There’s a lot of work that goes into the camp and we do it all for the kids,”

Although he puts in tons of work, Beeker said he still thoroughly enjoys working at MIPA

“I like it a lot…the whole camp has been really fun, I love just helping out all the kids, and its been a great experience,” Beeker said.  

MIPA Workshop Office Director, Jayna Rumble

Meet Jayna Rumble. Rumble is the workshop office director here at MIPA, and she organizes a lot of what campers are able to do here.

“I wish that students knew that we’re there for them throughout the whole camp experience,” Rumble said.

Whenever students need any sort of help, whether its Sunday when they first get here or Wednesday before they leave, she and other administrators are always around to help.

Despite the fact that her job can be intense, Rumble said she enjoys hanging out with her fellow administrators and enjoying each others company.

MIPA Student Life Director, Sarah Ashman

Meet Sarah Ashman. Ashman is the student life director at MIPA, and helps students with anything they might need while at camp.

“I think everyone should know that you can do MIPA camp for up to five years…you could have five years of this awesome experience,” Ashman said.

Students can attend MIPA from the summer before their freshman year until their summer before entering college in order to get the full MIPA experience.

The MIPA experience is also enjoyable for everyone, including staff members. Similar to Jayna Rumble, Ashman said she has a lot fun hanging out with her all of the staff.

“Honestly, I love some of the fun I get to have in the office,” Ashman said, ” I like hanging out with awesome friends that I don’t get to see very often because we teach all over the state, and I love interacting with kids.”

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