Students Struggle with Small Newspaper Staffs

Working with a small staff is no small task.

Brianna Gomez from Stockbridge High School is part of a three person staff–including herself. Having to juggle the role of the writer, the designer, the editor, and the photographer, she said that stressful is an understatement.

“We publish a bi-weekly paper. It’s hard because it’s impossible to be everywhere all at once. On top of having a busy schedule as an athlete and student, we have to stay at least two hours everyday to work on the paper,” said Gomez.

Gomez said she would like to see her school transition from a bi-weekly paper to a monthly paper.

“With this change, we can focus on making sure our writing is the best that it can be and that our designs are great. All the designs we make is made very quickly because the deadlines are so strict. With a small staff, I think the best solution is to give us enough time to produce quality works. Quality over quantity.”

Similarly, Taylor Waidanz from James B. Conant feels that being part of a small staff is a lot of pressure.

“The greatest challenge is that people have to take on so many different roles at once. It takes so long to get things done. Every month, we stay for six hours to make sure we meet our deadline. People are running around like crazy and picking up extra jobs here and there.”

However, Waidanz said she wouldn’t change anything about it.

“I really like our close-knit, small staff because ultimately, we get it done. It has also been a great learning experience, for she has seen the value of responsibility, commitment, and versatility,” said Waidanz. “I learned how to be part of a team. I learned that you have to be there to help others. You not only have to be responsible but also be able to support others and pick up the pieces. If you try to do it all yourself, it’s never going to get done. You have to learn to rely on each other as a staff.”

Taylor Weindez from Conant High School is representing her newspaper, the Conant Crier, a publication with an eight-person staff.

Taylor Weindez from Conant High School is representing her newspaper, the Conant Crier, a publication with an eight-person staff.

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Becca says:
Aug 05, 2014

I love that you wrote about something that a lot of kids here are overcoming, specifically me. I happen to be the only one here from my school and even then our staff is on the small side. I agree that it creates a sense of family and closeness. Well written and executed, keep it up!

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