Learning how to make an infographic and why they are important

Infographics are a way to make information as complex as the weather or the rise and fall of eating disorders in high school students easier for people to understand, according to Illustrator and Information Graphics instructor Karl Gude.   

“Not only do infographics make information more understandable it also gives it a lot more meaning,” Gude said.

So far in his class Tuesday, Gude’s students have learned about how to start making infographics and the keys steps to making own graphics . As the class continues, the students will put their knowledge to the test by building their very own infographic. Students will pick a topic for their graphics that will interest them and other kids their own age.

Student Ashley Sokol said, “You get to be creative and be yourself and show who you are as a graphic designer and show you talents.” Even though Sokol’s main focus is on yearbook, she said  she was still excited and open to try graphic design and said even though it’s challenging, graphic design is a lot of fun. She said she will also be able to share her new knowledge with her yearbook staff  to make the publication even better.IMG_0221

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