A Yearbook Lasts Forever

Sandy Strall’s Complete Yearbook class is focusing on capturing a full school year and telling a story through the yearbook.

Students work on photo spreads to bring back to their staff for the their upcoming school yearbook.

Students in Sandy Strall’s Complete Yearbook class work on photo spreads to bring back to their staff for their upcoming school yearbook.

“A yearbook is the only published record of that school year, our book will last forever,” Strall said.

Strall has had many past students ask her if they could have their high school yearbook. “I had one girl call me that graduated in 1983 that wanted her yearbook,” Strall said. “she was lucky that I happened to have a copy of the 1983 yearbook.”

Strall sad working on the school yearbook is beneficial for the high school journalists. “It teaches the kids a trade. It teaches them the language of publishing, graphic design, how to write, how to photograph, and it just teaches them a lot of skills.”

Student in Strall’s class, Sean Mackille said, “I’m learning to design pages, learning different themes, and learning to understand yearbook terminology.”

The journalists will be learning how to do graphic design, write captions, write a story, take photos and arrange the yearbook thematically. Strall said she is hoping to develop new skills for her students and refine their old skills.

Mackille said, “I’m hoping to learn anything that can improve the yearbook in my school.”

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