Administrators, staff keep cool at Shaw Hall

“Beat the heat” is this year’s motto for the 2011 MIPA Summer Jounrnalism Workshop. Both Workshop Director Betsy Pollard Rau and staff member Sunshine Weber agree that this year is much hotter than last year.

“One of the biggest concerns is the heat,” Weber said. “It’s very hot and people are not hydrating.”

Office staff members Sunshine Weber, Brianna White, and Jayna Salk work to keep things organized down in the MIPA office. Photo by Brianna Hermann

According to Weber, Monday is normally an overwhelming day for students with all of the information they’re taking in along with the heat.

Even with the heat, Rau said she still likes to see the students coming out of their comfort shell.

“It’s great just watching the kids have a great time and really enjoy themselves,” Rau said. “The more days that go by, the more fun everybody has.”

Students can cool down during the sexting issues seminar, which Rau said that they’d see what issues come up, since the topic is frequently in the news. Plus the students can also play games and activities later in the evening. By Brianna Hermann / Upstart Staff

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