Advanced InDesign works on re-design

In addition to the basics from yesterday, the Advanced InDesign for Newspaper team is not looking back. This morning, they were given an example of a badly designed feature page, and they had to completely redesign it. From the headline to the selection of pictures, they had free reign to make it “jazzy.” Reasons like this, and more, are why students like Catherine Habba wouldn’t chose to have any other class at MIPA. “I love the pace of this class.

First-time MIPA Student Catherine Habba re-designing her sample news page.

We are definitely doing a lot more than I thought was capable of, and the teacher is just really awesome!” The students’ new and redesigned articles were very impressive, and they were truly in this class for a reason. Many of them are designers or in charge of design on their school newspapers, and stated that they’re ready to get back to school to show off their new skills.

Helping to bring the best out of these students, is none other than Mr. Jim Woehrle. One thing is for sure, he isn’ t a “sit behind the desk” type of teacher. “The most exciting part of this class to me is anything that can help these bright students improve their newspapers. That’s what MIPA is all about.” Said Woehrle. This afternoon the Advanced InDesign students will begin creating their own pages and designs that they can use for their school newspapers.

Lastly, the class wanted to say, “Bobby Hawthorne’s class is going down in volleyball today!”

Advanced InDesign Teacher Jim Woehrle comparing the students' sample news article to a real one.

Advanced InDesign Teacher Jim Woehrle comparing the students’ sample news article to a real one.

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Noah says:
Aug 06, 2014

Great article! Very professional and and well written. Mr. Woehrle is a very hands on teacher so i’m glad that was covered

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