Broadcast Bootcamp looks to use daily newscast to hone broadcasting skills

For the rest of the week, Broadcast Bootcamp will produce “MIPA Today,” the daily newscast at the MIPA summer journalism workshop. According to first-year MIPA instructor Michael Kaufman, the show will aim to provide students with updates and important events that are going on each day. Kaufman said the bootcamp will be hard at work to provide the news while trying to have fun doing it. 

(Click HERE to see the class’s first announcement show.)

During their first session of the class, Kaufman instructed the bootcamp class in specifics on camera use and lighting. As the week progresses, he said these skills will be put to use as the class begins to capture footage of events from around camp to be used in the daily updates. The students will also gather skills for on-air production, including video and newscasting skills.

“So far we’ve been looking at equipment, learning about our cameras and talking about the set,” Alex Gaylord of Lake Orion said. “During the week we’ll be filming the show, as well as filming the tattoo artist and the volleyball games and other activities.”

Students said they decided to take the broadcasting camp for many reasons, including being prepared for their on-air production at their school and for possible careers in their future.

“I want to do sports broadcasting on TV when I’m older,” Kasius Williamson, a junior at White Hall High School in Arkansas, said, “but it’s also really cool to learn about the behind-the-scenes stuff in broadcasting.”

Three weeks ago, Kaufman said he taught a class very similar to Broadcast Bootcamp with PBS in Washington D.C. “I’ve just transferred what I did there and am bringing it down here,” Kaufman said. “But I’m really looking forward to the newscast. The studio here is fantastic, and having these guys playing in this space is awesome.”

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