Complete Journalism students close out workshop with theme presentations

On Aug. 3, everything that Patrice Hornak’s “Complete Journalism” class had been working on came together.

The past few days have been jam-packed with learning for these students, as the majority came in knowing nearly nothing about creating a yearbook.

“It’s important,” said Hornak. “You’re writing a history book, people will look at this in 80 years – long after you’re out of school.”

During the workshop, students have learned how to write stories, captions and headlines, studied photography and learned the basics of layout. This class has come a long way since it arrived on Sunday.

Today, the students had the opportunity to present the yearbook theme ideas that they have been working on all week. First on the presentation list were Perry Fiero, Cameron Lemon and Hannah Kempel – eighth graders from St. Martha School in Okemos, MI. The trio stood up in front of students from 11 other schools and presented their layout sheets displaying “In a Nutshell,” which they plan to take back to their school to present for use in the upcoming yearbook.

From left to right, Cameron Lemon, Hannah Kempel and Perry Fiero present their yearbook theme "In a Nutshell." This theme was the sum of all of the work that they have done this week, and they presented it in front of students from eleven other schools. By Ben Trube / Upstart Staff

When asked about how she felt her class had progressed, Hornak said, “My goal was to have them be a strong, contributing member of their staff… and they are definitely there.” By Ben Trube / Upstart Staff

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