‘Entertainment Coverage’ class reviews The Dairy Store

Students in “Entertainment Coverage” reviewed the Dairy Store as their final assignment in the class, adviser Jamie Flanagan said. His class has reviewed music, movies and interviewed musicians and TV personalities while learning how to cover them and what information is most important.

“I made a blog,” Chris McClendon from Crockett Tech High School said. “I learned how to get in contact with PR (public relations) firms. I also figured out how to access music and movies for free to review them.”

McClendon said his favorite moment in the course was interviewing “Whale Wars‘” Matt Smith.

Aug. 3’s assignment, the review of the Dairy Store, was supposed to be short and concise, Flanagan said. The students were encouraged to take everything in.

“It’s just supposed to be a basic food review,” Flanagan said.

McClendon said he enjoyed the class and it improved his coverage of entertainment. By Conor Buckley / Upstart Staff

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