First-timers learn the ropes at MIPA 2011

For over 400 young student journalists at the 2011 MIPA summer workshop, many have returned for another year of fun, but many more are here for the first time.

First-time attendee Adrian Segovia, a senior from Traverse City High School, said he can’t wait to begin learning here at MIPA.

“I hope I learn to be more organized,” Segovia said, “not only when it comes to doing a  yearbook project, but any other project in my life that has to deal with being a journalist.”

Segovia, however, isn’t the only new camper here. Bridget Lally, a senior from Lakota East High School, is also experiencing her first days at the camp.

Many student journalists, new and old to the camp, enjoy some pizza and ice cream after the opening session. Photo by Brianna Hermann / Upstart Staff

“I hope to learn how to do InDesign,” Lally said. “I am also looking forward to the talent show. I want to see what it’s like.”

Between going to their classes and going to planned activities, some campers like Charnae Sanders, a senior from the Communication and Media Arts High School, said they are looking forward to meeting people with the same passion as her—namely, journalism.

“I (really) want to learn how to write a good article and get some good information,” Sanders said. “I’m here to have a good time and I’m excited to learn more.”

Segovia said he is also looking forward to meeting new people.

“I’m looking forward to all the new friends I’ll make by the end of the week,” Segovia said, “and all the knowledge I will gain.”

The organization of the camp really impressed Sanders, she said.

“I like that it’s real organized,” Sanders said. “It’s interesting and they have a schedule of what to do, so it’s stuff I’m really interested in. And I’m excited to learn more.”

Both Sanders and Segovia said they are excited for their first year of camp.

“I’m looking forward to listening to a guest speaker,” Sanders said. “I hope to ask him a question or two. I think I’m going to like it here.” By Brianna Hermann / Upstart Staff

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