Forgey Scheduled to Speak at Tuesday’s Press Conference

Michigan guitar legend S.J. ‘Frog’ Forgey will make an appearance at the 2014 MIPA Summer Workshop for the Tuesday evening press conference.

This Michigan native is the lead vocalist and guitarist in the band ‘Frog and the Beeftones’, often playing dance music at Michigan’s concert stages and high-energy nightclubs ever week.

According to the band’s biography, the ‘Tones performed a total of 150 shows in 2013.

As stated by local press, “Frog’s blazing fingers have no trouble bringing sounds from the crowd like “Ohhh” “Ahhh” and “I can’t see his fingers they’re so fast.” Fast and accurate, Frog has a reputation for never missing a note or having a muddy sound. Think of Steve Vai or Gary Moore and you’ll understand Frog’s crowd appeal. You’ve got some kick butt music that’s 100% Beef!”


For more information about ‘Frog & the Beeftones’, visit the following websites:


And to jam out to some of Frog’s tunes, visit the following links:


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