Hawthorne students learn to write with purpose

On Aug. 2, Bobby Hawthorne pushes his students to forge through the roughest portion of his class, “The Bobby Hawthorne Experience,” during the 2011 MIPA Summer Journalism Workshops. The students covered the sexting seminar on the evening of Aug 1 and prepared for the Lansing Roller Derby Vixens press conference on the evening of Aug 2.

Jane Hess from Grosse Pointe South described the class as “difficult” and “very intense,” and even spoke about how she was “a little stressed” because of the time gap from the previous time she had written.

“I’ve kind of forgotten some of the tricks of the trade, but I feel like it’s coming back to me,” Hess said. She also spoke about how she hopes to improve her writing skills, specifically with the flow of her writing. “I also hope to see more consistency in my writing,” she said.

Hawthorne said he strives to provide his students with the best knowledge in journalism that he can give. By Taylor Hale / Upstart Staff

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