InDesign for Yearbook meets with Lynne Strause

On Aug. 2, the InDesign for Yearbook class had individual meetings with Lynne Strause, MIPA yearbook  sequence chairperson.

Throughout the day, Strause met with yearbook campers by school in order to help them either brainstorm themes for next year or help them with the theme they’ve already chosen.

While some students meet with Strause, Lydia Cadena, InDesign for Yearbook teacher, teaches the rest of the class. Students worked on their spreads when not at meetings.

“Many schools only have one person here, [so picking and working on a theme] is kind of overwhelming,” Strause said.

Strause said she met with about 25 groups in the first part of the day. Alex Delacruz from Novi High was preparing for her own meeting, which was scheduled for the latter part of the day, while earlier meetings were going on.

“Hopefully we’ll get some good advice and finally decide what direction we’re going to go in,” Delacruz said. By Danielle Raykhinshteyn / Upstart Staff

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