Infographics class makes progess on airplane project

On Aug. 2, Karl Gude’s class continued their work on their paper airplane projects. The students began their work on a layout for an infographic for a paper airplane competition they had earlier in the day. The winning plane was made by Austin Mackey from Traverse City Central High School. They sketched out their idea and now are resketching it into Adobe Illustrator. The students had the choice to make a map, data chart or diagram. They could do a how-to guide with throwing techniques, types of paper and best/worst planes or any other creative idea they could come up with.

Throughout the day, Gude helped his students create a plan for their infographics. He said some students were clueless on what to cover while others had it down to the pin point.

One of those students was senior Chelsea Sherlock from Ithaca High School.

Chelsea Sherlock from Ithaca High School works on her final infographics project. She is resketching her infographic into Adobe Illustrator. By Kailee Mitchell / Upstart Staff

“My plan is to put a diagram of where all the planes landed in the middle,” she said. “In the left bottom corner I’ll put the types of planes and next to it a key for which plane goes the fastest and which one has the best accuracy. In the bottom right I’ll give tips on how to make a good plane, like use heavier paper. I’ll have Austin’s plane flying in with characteristics of a good plane coming off on lines, a sharp point, flat top. And for now my headline is ‘A Champion Flyer’ but I want to come up with something more creative.” By Kailee Mitchell / Upstart Staff

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