Lansing Derby Vixens participate in panel to discuss roller derby

Derby Vixen "Ludacrush" answers a question regarding the injuries in the all contact sport. The Lansing Derby Vixens had a 6-2 record this year.

The Lansing Derby Vixens took part in a seminar Aug. 2 in which students and athletes alike took part in a question-and-answer session. The four Vixens present—Kim Layman, Regina Calcagno, Kristen Pfaendtner and Julie Yingling—explained all aspects of roller derby, from the impact on social life to the frequent hospital runs.

Yingling, a former women’s study student and known better as “Ludacrush,” recalled how she “separated a shoulder and tore an ACL” of several of her opponents. She refers to her unfortunate victims as being “Ludacrushed” and even has stickers which she said she sometimes gives to those she hit hard.

“Knee injuries are the most common,” Yingling said. “However, broken bones happen from time to time.”

The Vixens run on a budget determined before the season. Because of the rising popularity of the full-contact sport, the excess money is donated to local charities.

“We are a limited liability coporation but also a non-profit organization,” Calcagno, also known as “Lil Hitaly,” said. “Each bout we pick a charity and have literally contributed thousands to local charities this year.”

In addition to contributing to local charities, the derby girls said they have formed strong bonds as a result of the trust built in the games. They  said they take each other to the hospital, make each other food and are mentally and emotionally able to support each other at all times. By Tom Behan / Upstart Staff


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