Making words visual


During the Illustrator and Information graphics class Karl Gude sits down with students while learning new tools in the program Adobe Illustrator. The class covers the basic tools and how to create graphics and making statistics visual. During this week they will work on projects based on the issue seminar. | Photo by Sarah Sims

Karl Gude gave a vibrant and bright session the first night of camp about creative thinking making the entire crowd laugh and analyze themselves. Leading into his workshop class he is bringing all the lessons with him.

“There are a couple of things I want them [the students] to get from the class,” Gude said. “To think about information and how to visualize it. Also, how to use the program Adobe Illustrator.”

Goals of students include learning the basics of the program to going deeper with already present skills.

“I already know the basics [of Illustrator] but it would be much more useful to know everything,” first time camper Rebecca Sharpe said.

During class students were learning tools on the Adobe Illustrator program and were drawing a T-Shirt using the pen tool. Later tonight during the Issues Seminar about prescription drug abuse students will be picking an addiction and instead of describing it with words, they will describe it through graphics they create using statistics, charts and numbers.

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