MIPA class works to help ‘boost’ student publications

Website Boostcamp instructor Natalie Sekicky said her goal is to acquaint the students with templates and help them add new elements to their websites. She said she also wants to help them to refine features of their publications.

Sekicky said one of the main focuses of the class is to help the students make their publication the most accurate, yet timely it can be. She said she wants to focus on helping students to keep their websites fresh and timely, and that includes posting content every day to keep the site up to date and posting stories that appeal to a broader audience.

Student, Ariana Chengges, editor in chief of the Grosse Pointe South Tower Pulse website, said, “I am excited to make the most of this class and implement these skills and ideas into the Tower Pulse, since I believe there is always room for improvement.”

In addition to classroom work, the class will participate outside of the classroom as well in hopes of winning the MIPA Cup.


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