MIPA students skype Fox Sports 1 anchor

At 2:00 on Monday, the ‘Smile You’re on Camera’ class skyped Fox Sports 1 anchor Ryan Fields, who lives in Los Angeles, in order to ask him questions about his job and how he got there.

“We had a bunch of questions for him and he had really good feedback on how to get an internship and how he started and where he is now,” Alex Rakowki said.

Fields got internships when he attended Michigan State University which caused him to move up and up in the professional world, landing him on Fox 1. After Rakowski asked how to exactly get internships, Fields advised to put yourself out there and get help from teachers in high school and college.

‘Smile You’re on Camera’ advisor Jesse Sutherland actually met Fields though her own internship at Fox Sport Detroit. Now the two are still in touch, allowing Sutherland to give her class a great opportunity to meet someone with expertise in what they’re doing in class.

“He taught me about putting yourself out there and showing the world what you have to offer,” Sidney Sparks said. “The world is never going to know about you until you put yourself out there.”

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