#MIPA2016 Squirt Gun Painting

The MIPA Cup Tournament was not the only activity underway on the first full day,  a squirt gun painting station took place on the terrace patio Monday afternoon. Although onlookers say the Cup Tournament attracted the majority of passersby, several people waited for a turn to squirt water guns filled with paint at blank sheets of paper.

“The paint in the water guns don’t really last that long – they kept having to be filled back up but I got some really good shots while it lasted,” said Selestina Banda of Ann Arbor Huron High School. Banda mentioned the inspiration for her piece came from the trees from Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.

Despite the said small turnout, those in attendance took advantage of the free time they were given, exhausting all available resources to make the best out of painting in the unorthodox way.


By: Sydney Swindle & Jasmine Williams

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Giuseppe says:
Aug 02, 2016

I like the inclusion of the video in this one. It really helps add to the article and get the reader more involved in the piece. The article itself, while short, was nicely descriptive.

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