Sports Coverage class uncovered

For some students, it’s being under the lights, scoring the game winning touchdown or hitting the walkoff home run. But for others, it’s the complete opposite. Taking notes, interviewing athletes or simply writing a weekly sports column in the school newspaper is what drives them down the path of happiness. For these students, Sports Coverage is the class for them.

Jeff Nardone, adviser for The Tower at Grosse Pointe South, teaches the Sports Coverage class. Every year, the class begins by interviewing Jack Roberts, the executive director of the Michigan High School Athletic Association. The next day they tour the Michigan State University campus and interview several Spartan football players, just as they would in the real world.

“My Job is to prepare them before ┬ásending them back to their Schools,” Nardone said.

The students learn how to interview athletes at both the high school and college level, compose quality questions, yes or no questions, and to write more quality sports stories. Not only does this help students in high school, it can help them in the long run. One important skill they practice is interviewing each other as well as popular sports figures.


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