‘Money Matters’ students work on staff manuals

During the second day at the 2011 MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop, the “Money Matters” students worked on staff manuals that they planned to have ready to present to their publications before the new school year.

“For myself, getting the manual done here helps because then it will be ready for school,” said Taylor Kraft from Dexter High School.

Lori Oglesbee, the instructor of the course, taught the students a lot about staff manuals and they were instructed to create one of their own. She gave the students an example of her own staff manual and allowed them to get a sense of what it was all about.

“I love how they have a narrow focus on an aspect of the paper,” Oglesbee said. “For them, being able to get going the first day of school has really motivated them.”

Instructor Lori Oglesbee sits down and discusses staff manuals with student Taylor Kraft. By Brittney Antonelli / Upstart Staff

Oglesbee helped out the students start to create their manual but overall they said they felt that they had a pretty good idea of what they were doing.

“(Oglesbee) has a lot of experience and she does a really good job of explaining things, which allows me to learn a lot from her discussions,” said Tyler Peterek from Niles High School. By Brittney Antonelli/ Upstart Staff ¬†

Stacy Li, a student in the "Money Matters" course at the 2011 MIPA Summer Workshop, sits at her seat and pastes her ads into her notebook. The students picked 30 ads they liked and brought them to class the next day. By Brittney Antonelli / Upstart Staff

Trinda Noren gets to work on her staff manual. Students in the "Money Matters" course started to create their staff manuals they plan to bring into the next school year. By Brittney Antonelli / Upstart Staff

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