Pictures turned to paintings in Creative Illustration Techniques

Creative illustration Techniques dove into learning the different techniques that can be used to create paintings and use more artsy effects using a photo as a base.

“This morning we’ve already turned photos into various ways of converting them, like line art so it looks like pencil drawings,” instructor Chad Bennett said. “What I’m doing is showing them all the methods and letting them play. This afternoon they’ll be able to put it all together and make their own paintings.”

Along with showing the students how to turn their pictures into paintings, this afternoon Bennett will show them how to make their own custom brushes so they can tweak and manipulate pictures without just using the standard brushes.

“I love (the class),” sophomore Erin Eyler said. “It’s been a lot of fun moving the pixels around to make it look more artsy and a little less realistic with adding more of an artistic feel as if it were made out of paint.”

Tomorrow, the class will continue applying what they have learned, catching up on the odds and ends of the lessons they skipped and reviewing new projects.

“It’s basically a workday,” Bennett said. “They have a lot of final projects coming up and so they’re going to be applying the tools in their own personal way.”

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