S.J “Frog” Forgey inspires journalists to follow their passion


Encouraging students to follow their passions was the overriding message from S.J. “Frog” Forgey during his press conference on Aug. 5. Forgey, a musician who has played professionally in the Lansing area for more than three decades, spoke to several journalism students at the 2014 MIPA summer workshop, a musically-themed workshop titled “MIPA-Palooza.”

When asked what helped him most to become a good artist “persistence” Forgey said.

The interview attracted many MIPA students interested to hear advice from a professional musician on how to be one themselves. Forgey was asked to give the best advice on how to start a band.

“Pick people you get along with” Forgey said “Practice and make lots of songs”

Aside from making music Forgey works at a music store and plays ice hockey even at the age of 60

Forgey’s opinion on new music was asked multiple times on all types of music and eras of music

“I have listened to every genre at least once” Forgey said “One bad apple doesn’t spoil the bunch, but one bad apple can spoil the name”

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