Sports Photography spends time traveling MSU’s campus

Tim Morley has given the sports photography class the opportunity to not only learn about photographing sports action shots, but has also allowed them to travel to sports’ practices on Michigan State University’s campus.

On Monday, July 27, Morley took his students to photograph the swimmers at the IM West building and later walked them to a Michigan State weight room to get action shots of the athletes that were training. Morley and his class took a bus to a skate park in East Lansing and plan to bus to a basketball and a hockey practice later in the week.

“I like to put the students in situations that they would be in when they are working with their own publications,” Morley said. When they are not traveling around campus, Morley hopes to teach the students how to edit the sports shots they have taken.


Tim Morley and the sports photography students take a break from traveling MSU’s campus to edit the photos they have taken. Photo credit: Kristen Hiser

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Maria Broecker says:
Jul 29, 2015

Kristen you took a different approach by not doing basic transition quote format. You made this article concise on down to the point which was beneficial for me.
You also have a solid and hopeful wrapping up statement that leaves me knowing this teacher, Tim Morley, is successfully doing his job.
Overall, this piece is simple, but clearly gets the point across making it easy for me to pay full attention to and understand.

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