Student journalists learn more about business

MIPA student journalists have the opportunity learn more than just writing and reporting during the workshop in the class “Money Matters.”

The class is taught by Sarah Verpooten, an experienced advisor of 12 years. She understands the financial side of journalism because all the money her school publications are not funded by their school district, but through advertising and fundraising.

“Every year we’re raising enough money to buy a house,” Verpooten said. “So we could buy a house or we could make a yearbook.”

Throughout the week, students will learn to build a Media Kit. The rate card, publication schedule, and advertisement proposal included will show students all the necessary business procedures to help their publication.

MIPA student Will Murphy signed up for the class because he thought it would be helpful for his newspaper and personal business.

“I figured it would be a great opportunity to learn about business,” he said.

Murphy hopes to learn about advertising and other fundraising to help his school’s newspaper.

“We really don’t have that much money as it is,” Murphy said, “so I hope to bring it up a notch to be able to fund us for the right supplies to make a better newspaper.”

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