Students becoming better photographers in Shoot Like A Pro

Shoot Like A Pro instructor Michael Caterina helps student Diante’ Brown adjust the shutter speed on his camera. According to Caterina, students will better their photography skills by shooting at events like the Ingham County Fair.

By the time students leave MIPA’s Shoot Like A Pro Class, they will be able to capture top-notch images in all settings including classrooms, gyms and sporting events, according to five-time instructor Michael Caterina.

“We focus on shooting techniques. We talk a lot about shooting techniques and a lot about working as a photojournalist,” Caterina said. He said this class was designed for students with experience in photojournalism to teach them how to shoot like a storyteller. They will also learn how to use professional software like Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

“I took this class because I want to get better at photography,” Kendra Ables, a senior at Ovid-Elsie High School,said. “I’m used to taking pictures of nature, but I want to get used to taking pictures of people and learn about the different angles.”

The students in the class are wasting no time when it comes to improving their skills. A picture of a man swimming the butterfly stroke flashes onto the screen. “Where are the highlights on this picture?” Caterina asks. His students respond instantly to his question. Over the past day, they have already made a lot of progress.

“I’ve learned a lot about the different lightening and how to fix it and the different modes on my camera that I haven’t used before,” Ables said.

The Shoot Like A Pro students will be able to practice their newfound techniques on their field trip to the Ingham County Fair on July 30. They also plan to take pictures throughout the week for their upcoming projects.

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