Students excited to see different perspectives in yearbook class

According to Ava Butzu, the instructor for the “Taking Your Yearbook to the Edge” class, her goal is to teach students how to take a theme and develop it to create a feeling that will guide the readers to understand the stories of the year.


“So it’s a verbal and visual packaging of the theme to make the yearbook unique for this year and for this school,” Butzu said. She said students are looking at graphics and photos and they are trying to figure out how they can set the tone and tell the stories that they want to tell.


Student Reegan Saunders said, “This year I was selected to be an editor for the yearbook and I was looking at all the different options and this class seemed like the best class to set us up for starting the school year with a good theme and to have a solid basis of what we need to get done.”


Butzu said, “Now, more than ever, yearbook journalism is gaining some real momentum… we are pushing to use the yearbook to tell really powerful and meaningful stories and really capture the essence of this era in time.”

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