Students getting a kickstart to yearbook


First year yearbook member Haylee Baetz from Haslett HS works on her project for the Yearbook Kickstart class. Baetz has not had any previous experience with yearbook but will be creating an entire yearbook spread before camp comes to a close this Thursday. | Photo by Sarah Sims

The Yearbook Kickstart class this year is preparing some of the newest yerds to go back to staff ready to design and take photos for their annual staff. According to Merriam-Webster ‘Kickstart’ means to cause something to start quickly, which is perfect for beginners. They have been learning about all yearbook aspects and will ultimately create an entire yearbook spread this week at camp.

“My biggest goal this week is to finish my spread and feel accomplished,” Haylee Baetz senior at Haslett High School said.

For many yearbooks this class can help improve their book from the previous year, and help new members get a head start on learning the ropes of a yearbook staff. For Baetz, this upcoming school year will be her first time joining the school’s yearbook staff. She isn’t alone in her class; everyone in Yearbook Kickstart are first year staff members besides two students.

“I think it’s [MIPA Workshop] going to help me out a ton,” Baetz said. ‘Now I know so much more and it’s been two days of camp.”

So far the class has been focused on learning the programs and touching on photography, and homework assignments that will be incorporated into their final yearbook spread project.

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