Students learn how confidence plays key role in leadership

Discussions about leadership highlighted the opening hours of Pam Bunka’s course at the 2019 MIPA summer journalism workshop.Bunka started the class by having the students read about what leadership means and having a discussion about how to implement leadership within themselves and their publications. 

“We are talking a lot about what makes a good leader and what you need to do as a leader,” Bunka said. Bunka said her class will also touch on theme development.“The goal is to talk a little bit about theme and how you brand your yearbook, because some of (the students at the workshop) are the only ones from their school,” she said. 

One of the students, Skylar Urbano from Eisenhower High School, said she had a concern within her school’s publication that she hoped Bunka’s class would help to resolve. 

Skylar Urbano from Eisenhower High School and five other students from her school are attending MIPA this year.

“My teacher made me a team leader this year and it was completely unexpected,” Urbano said. “I don’t have a lot of confidence in myself, so I’m here to build up my leadership…and be a better leader for my staff.” 

Bunka said the purpose of the Yearbook Leadership class is to cover all of the bases. 

“We are going to talk about different organizational structures,” Bunka said, “like how do you organize your staff? Do you have a section editor?” Bunka said her many questions are designed for her to not only get to know her students, but also to make sure each student knows how to set staff expectations. 

“We are going to go over staff manuals,” Bunka said, “and keep talking about leadership throughout, like how you set the tone. How you can be a good example?” Bunka said she is set on making sure each student leaves MIPA camp with the ability to lead their publications to greatness.

Pam Bunka teaches the Yearbook Leadership course. Students learn about how to lead their staff, develop their theme, and problem solve.

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