Students learn to redesign

As C.E. Sikkenga will consistently tell you, edgy is the way to be.In his class co-taught by Tracy Anderson, Taking Your Newspaper to the Edge, students learn to accomplish what the class name suggests. Using InDesign, the favored software for student publication layout, the goal is to revamp existing content into a new, more modern format.

“We’re taking standing pages and redesigning,” Sikkenga said. “Using what they already have, making it edgier.”

Seaholm High School’s Micah Dabbs and Taylor Wyllie work together on a design for their publication. Students are urged to collaborate with their fellow staff members during the class. KELSEY MCCLEAR / PHOTO

In order to keep up with the visually attractive style young generations are drawn to, students are urged to implement strong graphics along with their usual news stories.

Students use class time to work on projects unique to their publications. Seaholm High School’s staff in the class have been working to redesign a page typically used for briefs in their newspaper.

“We’re trying to draw our readers in with the design and keep them there,” said the Seaholm Highlander’s Micah Dabbs.

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