Students work with angles in their feature stories

In Writing and Designing the Newspaper, students are experimenting with angles. Each student is required to take the information they gathered from the seminar offered last night and transform it into a feature story.

“We are taking our news stories we wrote last night and turning them into feature stories, therefore it has more of a human element to it,” teacher Jody Mackey said. “The goal is to start with a more personable approach to telling a story.”

Although each student had the same press conference to attend, have the same quotes and the same information given, they have to come up with their own individual angle to the story. The angles range from a profile of the panelists to a look into the journalist career and the panelists’ opinions regarding it.

Throughout today’s class times, students were shown a PowerPoint and other presentations featuring well-written feature stories to understand how they each should go about writing their stories.

“We all chose a different angle, the angle I chose was to talk about how journalism isn’t a dying major,” Hannah Bok, student at East Grand Rapids High School said. “I focused on how it’s just changing and evolving.”

Each student gained knowledge about feature stories and acquiring their own angle, and will be working on their feature stories for the remainder of the day.

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