The Bobby Hawthorne Experience finalizes bullying stories

Students in The Bobby Hawthorne Experience are working to finalize their stories from the bullying panel that took place on Monday, July 30.

“We are going talk about leads, which we haven’t really talked about, and some transitions which we talked about yesterday, but I m going to show them today,” Hawthorne said. “The kids are going be working on the first draft of their stories and we are going to be working with them.”

Hawthorne prepares to present a slide show as he teaches his class. The students sit with pencils in their hand waiting for the lecture to begin.

Students will work on rough drafts only during the morning session. In the afternoon, Hawthorne’s class will work in one of the computer labs to really get their stories started. Their goal at the end of the day is to have something worthy of turning in, Hawthorne said.

“Today is a big writing day,” Hawthorne said.

According to Liv Dimmer from Fenton High School, a student in Hawthorne’s class, today was all about interviews with advisers and students who attended the bully seminar. Then they used their interviews to write their stories.

“We interviewed kids who had stories of being bullied and the administrators didn’t do enough to stop it; we are writing about the administrator side of bullying,” Dimmer said. “I think that we can definitely take the story that we’re writing and apply it to our newspaper sometime throughout the school year.”


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