The Bobby Hawthorne Experience prepares for panel of experts on bullying

On July 30 in Bobby Hawthorne’s class, The Bobby Hawthorne Experience, MIPA students learned the big differences between genuine muscular writing and pretentious weak writing. With their newfound information, they planned to attend the seminar this evening pertaining to the subject of bullying. After attending this meeting, all campers taking the class will write a story of their own using the topic of “tormenting peers.”

Students in the Bobby Hawthorne Experience listen as Hawthorne reads off examples of sources. When Hawthorne shares his stories the students crack up at the accents he uses.

“(The students) aren’t attending the meeting to write a review of it. They are using the seminar as a way to find an angle for their article,” Hawthorne said. “We are trying to find a way to write about the topic without regurgitating the obvious.”

With that said, even though some of Hawthorne’s students said they couldn’t wait to get started on their articles, they needed more information pertaining to the topic at hand. Hawthorne showed the class a clip from “This American Life” to help them better understand the topic of bullying as well as to see what a real story looks and sounds like. According to Hawthorne, reporting and fishing for information are skills his class may need to work on.

“Reporting is a big problem I’ve been seeing with the younger students,” Hawthorne said.  “They don’t know how to report to get the necessary information.”

Graham Key, a student at Stony Creek High School and member of Hawthorne’s class, said, “(I’m) pretty excited. (I’ve) never had to interview anyone before for an actual newspaper class, so this will be a test run for me tonight.”

( To see a Storify of the bullying panel, click here.)

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