Tim Morley gives sports photography students one last assignment

As the MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop comes to an end, sports photography students hurry to finish editing their last few photos.

“Today we’re learning to change pictures to a different setting on Photoshop and upload them to Flikr,” said Josef Provido, a student from South Lake High School.

The students in the sports photography class has had the opportunity to capture their best shots at tennis and baseball games, skate parks, trips to the pool and ice arenas.  Each day, they learned something new about how to capture the perfect photograph.

Kailyn Vitale from Pioneer High School said, “The most useful thing I learned in this class was location, and how it’s not only important to take pictures of the action but to capture the reaction of the audience on the sidelines.”

Tim Morley teaches his sports photography students how to work with Photoshop. His students must Photoshop their best pictures to upload them to their Flikr webpage. By Paris Harper / Upstart Staff

The students won’t be the only ones to miss the class. Tim Morley will have to say goodbye to the students he’s grown so close to.

“These guys exceeded my expectations. I’m going to have the hardest time choosing their best photos because all of them are so talented,” he said. Morley made sure he wasn’t going to let his students leave without letting them live up to their full potential while assigning them one last task: “Wow me with a crazy, outrageous Photoshopped picture before you leave this class,” he said. By Paris Harper / Upstart Staff

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