Yearbook Kickstart students learn importance of inclusivity

During the first Yearbook Kickstart class of the week, students in instructor Cody Harrell’s class focused on key terminology and shared experiences from their own schools, looking for advice on how to make their yearbook better. Harrell continuously stressed the importance of focusing on the people, and portraying the world through their lens. 

“Yearbook is for everyone,” Harrell says to his students. 

According to Harrell, students in his class will learn the essentials of what it takes to contribute to their yearbook. 

Natalie Garwood, an eighth grade student taking the Kickstart class, said she enjoys journalism and thought yearbook would be great too.

“I am taking yearbook next year and I wanted to find what was the importance of being a part of it,” she said. 

Harrell said this year, his first year teaching at MIPA, he is determined to make this a meaningful experience for students.

“I want these students to realize the importance of their jobs and the amount of work it is,” Harrell said, “but also how much fun it can be.”

Yearbook Kickstart instructor Cody Harrell teaches students on July 29, 2019. This is Harrell’s first time serving as an instructor at the MIPA summer journalism workshops.

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Eli Reynolds says:
Jul 30, 2019

Hey, I’m Eli from opinion class this article had a really great organization and flow and I enjoyed reading it.

Arushi MIthal says:
Jul 30, 2019

Hi, my name is Arushi and I just wanted to say that I really liked the informative structure of your writing. Great job!

joe says:
Jul 30, 2019

I’m at student at MIPA camp here at msu. this is. a nice little piece! it was good for me to read & informational because I’m starting a yearbook class when I go into my upcoming school year

Marcus Boddy says:
Jul 30, 2019

Hey my name is Marcus from the Opinion Coverage class, and I was impressed by the vocabulary and control of language that you have. Keep up the good work!

Nathan Penoyar says:
Jul 30, 2019

This could use way more detail. It had a good hook, but it doesn’t even go close enough to expanding on what went on. What was talked about? The foundation was there, you just need to expand on what happened and go into more deatil about what the class was actually about.

Nathan Penoyar says:
Jul 30, 2019

This had a good foundation, but I would like more detail about what went on. Could you provide a follow up so that the readers could know what exactly went on?

Samantha M Stitt says:
Jul 30, 2019

I think it was good information about how your yearbook is structured and how you guys can work hard but have fun too, i think we need that in yearbook or journalism because it’s less stressful

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