Yearbook section editor learn copyediting

During the July 31 morning session of the Yearbook Section Editors class, instructor Pam Bunka taught her students the basics of being a copy editor. Bunka discussed how to be an effective copy editor while sparing the feelings of the other staff members.

Incoming senior Cassady Collins said she took away how to be a good copy editor from this morning’s tutorial, as well as learned to give constructive criticism with some praise and not too much insult.

During the hands-on hours, Collins and her co-editor were able to design some sports pages for the upcoming year, and write an opener for her editor and chief.

“Now we’re able to have our templates ready for our staffers to place their pictures and make their pages,” Collins said.

Collins said she took away from her session what she set out to do when she came from MIPA by learning everything from page design to editing to how to be an effective copy editor.

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