Yearbook section editors work on page design

Finishing off yesterday’s assignment of designing a yearbook cover, opening, end sheet and dividers, the Yearbook Section Editor class continued their assignment with a discussion that touched on topics such as typography and readability during their morning session.

Gathering graphic ideas from Pinterest and various magazines, the students in instructor Pam Bunka’s class were taught how to apply the specific graphics to the design process of their yearbook.

“They were to find something that they that they felt would help convey the mood and the tone of their yearbook that they want to establish this year,” Bunka said.

The class discussed how they could modify the tearsheet ideas into headline designs or mod designs in their book. By teaching these methods, Bunka’s goal was to show them that by utilizing typography and changing the types of photos they put in it they can optimize their coverage.

“I hope from this morning’s session that they looked at their designs that they had in last year’s book, and are really striving to make it different,” Bunka said.

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