Connor Marsh becomes ‘the kid without a roommate’

In West Shaw Hall, one MIPA student has been put into an unusual situation. Connor Marsh from Grand Ledge High School became “the kid without a roommate,” and where some people might get tired of sharing a room, Marsh said he has grown tired of his lack of a roommate.

“I first realized I didn’t have a roommate on the second day when no one had showed up still,” Marsh said. “No one ever even officially told me, so at first I thought maybe he was just coming later. I figured it out when no one showed up.”

Floor counselor Kevin Casey says that if he could rectify the situation, he would.

“If it were possible to get him a roommate, I would,” Casey said. “But there are no rooms set for three on the floor and no more singletons that I know of.”

To pass the time he has alone in his room, Marsh said he browses the web on the Mac computer provided by his school.

“I think (if I had a roommate) I would have been able to learn more things about (the computer) because I would have had someone else to help me understand more of it,” Marsh said. “It kind of gets pretty boring.”

In the end, a lot of the MIPA experience happens outside of the dorm room. However, Marsh said he would love to have a roommate at the next workshop.

“I’d prefer a roommate because then you have someone to talk to, and they could also help me with some of my work,” Marsh said. “I hope I have one (next year) because it’d be a different experience than I had this year. (The only benefit) is I get to throw my stuff all over my room.” By Katie Ziraldo / Upstart Staff

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