Humans of MIPA

Many students have come together to experience the 2017 Summer Journalism Workshop at Michigan State University. Meet some of the campers in this years edition of The Humans of MIPA.

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Tyler Bonawitz & Ben Ackley

“We’re just roommates. I’m the only guy from my school and he’s the only guy from his. And we just happened to bring our ukes,” Bonawitz (left) said.


Chelsea White

“Last year we had a very negative team so it was hard to keep them motivated instead of just sitting around and doing nothing. But it helped me learn that you just have to keep pushing and not give up. [At the workshop so far] I learned definitely how to keep people motivated throughout the year. Learning to be Editor-in-Chief is a completely different thing than being a section editor or just being on staff so it’s really cool to learn about those types of things,” White said.


Avery Peters

“I like that [in journalism] I have a voice because I feel heard. [That was challenged] trying to come up with a topic that is both entertaining for the school and interesting to write about. You just have to get through it and fight through,” Peters said.


Abbie and Nolan Johnson (MIPA Siblings)

“I did it because my teacher recommended it to me. He did it because his friend told him to. We were kind of surprised that we were taking the same class. Outside of the camp and school, we hang out a lot. We have a lot of the same friends, ” Abbie Johnson said. “We’re going into this yearbook class [next year]. We thought taking this class would help us out in yearbook,” Nolan Johnson said.

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