MIPA coworkers express love for each other, their jobs

Kluge 1

Haley Kluge and Kelsey Parkinson show off their MIPA shirts. Kluge and Parkinson work year round in the MIPA office.


Workshop Coordinator Kelsey Parkinson and Contest Coordinator Haley Kluge are joined at the hip, wanting to spend every second they can together the pair demanded to room together and even tried to push the beds together.

“We are obsessed with each other,” said Kluge.

But it was not love at first sight for this duo. When they first met at last years summer workshop Parkinson approached Kluge and asked her if she is the one who is trying to steal jobs at MIPA.

“I said yes and reached out to shake her hand,” laughed Kluge.

Once Kluge got the job at MIPA that fall the two learned how much they actually had in common.

“We pretty much fell in love,” said Parkinson.

When the pair aren’t hanging out telling jokes they work hard throughout the year to make sure things like the summer workshop and the spring conference run smooth.

“We are the behind the scenes guys,” said Parkinson.

During the week the two wake up before all the students and take on small tasks like hanging the the signs on the doors and fixing room assignments.

“I helped a lost student find his way to class,” said Parkinson.


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Kelly Krajewski says:
Aug 05, 2014

I love this! Seeing that the staff actually loves each other makes me feel secure in your ability to make all of us students here at MIPA feel welcome.

Steph says:
Aug 06, 2014

Very happy that the staff are so close knit at MIPA. You can feel that vibe of friendliness and togetherness all through the workshop!

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