Mipa students bond over pizza, new experiences

Many MIPA students got to experience first-hand the awkward yet exciting feeling of meeting and interacting with complete strangers on July 31.

In between bites of pizza, Varicalli, Hambaugh, and other MIPA students discuss their first day experiences.

Eisenhower High School student Kayla Varicalli was one of these students. She said she found herself in “The Bobby Hawthorne Experience” with not one person she previously knew. The students were initially told to go to a certain room but after much confusion and half the class missing, along with Hawthorne himself, the remaining students were told they were in the wrong room.

“I freaked out and I was so confused,” Varicalli said. “I looked around the room and saw a girl who looked just as confused as me.”

That girl was Erica Hambaugh from Niles High School, who said she also didn’t know anyone in the class. The two decided to team up and try to find the new room together.

“We were lost and it was just hilarious trying to find the room and then walk in late without making a scene,” Varicalli said.

Throughout the class, the two realized they had more in common than they thought.

“We started talking and I realized (Varicalli) was just as weird and funny as me,” Hambaugh said. “We just kind of clicked.”

Hambaugh and Varicalli went to the pizza party together where they each met the friends of the other.

“Definitely give people a chance and don’t be afraid to talk to new people,” Varicalli said. “You could meet some really cool kids and make some new friends, like I already have.” By Alyssa Burko / Upstart Staff

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