Panel to speak about refugees tonight

Tonight at 7 in the N130 Business Hall, MIPA will host a panel with three women who will talk about the issue of refugees and how they are treated when they arrive in a new country. All three women have connections to the issue because they either have been a refugee, work with them or both. 


Minani Rose
Rose was only a child when she fled the violent and harsh conditions of her hometown of Tanzania, Africa. When she left she came to Lansing, Mich. where she now lives and attends high school at East Lansing High.

Judi Harris
Harris works in Lansing for St. Vincent Catholic as the refugee resettlement director. Her job is to help the refugees who come to Lansing get settled and adjust to their new life. She helps them get jobs, education and food to eat and places to stay.

Tamara Siliva
Silva was a refugee from Cuba who came to Michigan and works as a case manager for the incoming refugees. Her job is to  help the refugees who have just arrived by making sure they have all their legal paperwork in order so they are allowed to stay in the country.

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