Paige Kendra encourages people to be themselves

By Hadley Hilner, East Middle School

An outgoing soccer player, Paige Kendra, is going into 8th grade at Traverse City East Middle School. Kendra’s brother. Noah is 15-years-old and they both grew up playing soccer.

“I like to play soccer because it takes my mind off of everything else,” Kendra said. “I also really like my team. They are like my second family.”

Not only does Kendra play soccer, but she also enjoys hockey, listening to music and boating. Her favorite out of the three is listening to music, so she does it whenever she can.

“When I listen to music I can think of memories and if they’re good memories,” Kendra said. “I like the song and it just reminds me of the past.”

Kendra’s biggest pet peeve is when people chew gum loudly.

“I think it’s annoying when all you hear is someone smacking their gum when you’re trying to focus,” Kendra said. “It makes it so much harder to concentrate.”

Kendra isn’t positive where she wants to go to college yet, but she’s thinking of going somewhere in Montana or Florida.

“I want to go to a school there because I’ve been to both places a lot and I really like it there,” Kendra said. “To have the chance to live and go to college there would be really fun.”

When she grows up, Kendra either wants to be a surgeon or a professional soccer player. Although she knows she would have to dedicate a lot of time to be either, she still hopes to be one.

“I would like to continue playing soccer, even after I graduate college,” Kendra said. “If I couldn’t be on a pro soccer team, I would want to save lives and being a surgeon is the best way to do that.”

Kendra thinks that the biggest lesson in life to follow is to not try to be like other just to be cool or to fit in.

“It’s important to not be a follower, but also not to be a leader,” Kendra said. “Just be yourself.”

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Maddy Pugh says:
Jul 29, 2015

Hadley, your writing is really good.
There’s a couple things you can work on, such as trying to make your writing sound like a conversation with the reader. Don’t be afraid to just let the writing flow as if you were talking to the reader.
Also, work on having different length paragraphs. Make some longer than others.
You do a good job with inserting quotes into the story, which isn’t always easy.
Keep working on having a conversational tone with the viewers, it will go a long way for your writing.

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