Hadley Hilner wants to be a photographer or hair stylist

By Paige Kendra, East Middle School

Thirteen-year-old Hadley Hilner is an eigth grade student at Traverse City East Middle School who grew up around sports. Trying to balance supporting her brother and sisters’ sports while still keeping up with her busy practice and game schedule was tough.

“It was fun being able to see so many different sports and being in them too,” Hilner said. “But being in a lot of different sports was really fun because while I was playing any sport I could get my mind off everything and while I was playing I could leave everything else behind and just focus on my sport.”

Hilner also enjoys listening to music, especially Pop.

“Pop is usually really upbeat and it makes you feel positive about your life,” Hilner said. “My favorite singer is probably Taylor Swift because she writes all of her songs and they’re still really good.”

Hilner wants to attend Grand Valley State University for college.

“I’ve talked to people that have gone there and it sounds like a good college for me,” Hilner said.

When Hilner grows up she wants to be a photographer, but she also has some interest in being a hair stylist.

“I want to get a degree in business so I can start my own hair salon business and then once I make enough money to have my own photography business and nice equipment, I’ll be a photographer,” Hilner said.

Hilner’s biggest pet peeve is when people use incorrect grammar.

“It just annoys me when my friends and people around me use bad grammar,” Hilner said.

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