Sarah Ashman prepares to wrap up MIPA

As MIPA reaches the halfway point of the week, Sarah Ashman realizes her job as MIPA’s student life director is also winding down. Ashman will continue to aid any students who have a headache, are nauseous, or dehydrated.

“In these situations [when students are sick] I have to make a decision if they just need rest, if they need to go to the clinic, if I need to have their parents pick them up, or if I need to rush them to urgent care,” said Ashman. On Tuesday morning, Ashman helped a camper who was feeling under the weather by letting her rest in her dorm room and giving her animal crackers and plenty of water.

Sarah Ashman enjoys her job and is especially impressed with this summer's MIPA campers. Photo credit: Kristen Hiser

Sarah Ashman enjoys her job and is especially impressed with this summer’s MIPA campers. Photo credit: Kristen Hiser

Unless a student needs her assistance, Ashman unfortunately does not get to spend much time with the campers. This, to Ashman, is the downside of her job as student life director. On the up side, Ashman has 4 of her school’s student staff members currently at MIPA and she has gotten to spend time with those students.

Unlike registration day, which is a very hectic day for Ashman, departure day is the opposite.

“The kids pack up their bags, turn in their keys, and their parents help them carry their luggage to the car,” Ashman said. “It is all relatively calm for me.” Ashman is then officially off duty until fall when the MIPA staff meets again in their “think tank” to plan for next summer’s camp.

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Simone Rhodes says:
Jul 29, 2015


after watching your video with regard to the MIPA cup, I was scrolling through the Upstart’s website, and stumbled across this! Much to my pleasant surprise, it was you who wrote it. The article was cute, fun, short, and sweet. It is the perfect length for a quick read, while being informative as well. Keep up the good work, you’re making us all so proud.

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