Victoria Breadon loves volleyball and meeting new people

By Rayna Adams, Grand Ledge High School

Victoria Breadon, 13, was born in a little suburb outside Detroit. When she was two, Breadon moved to Traverse City with her two household family and has lived there ever since.

Breadon is a bright, kind young lady whose hobbies are many different sports such as volleyball, softball, swimming and karate.

Breadon has half siblings Phillip, 30, and Jenny, 25. Her brother Tyler is 11-years-old.

Breadon enjoys watching “Friends” on Netflix and going to the beach.

“I like watching ‘Friends’ because you can’t find it anywhere else, and the beach water makes me feel calm and it just gets everything out,” Breadon said.

Her favorite sport is volleyball.

“I feel like we are more of a team there,” Breadon said.

Breadon’s hero would be Amelia Earhart.

“Because she did what nobody thought she could do, and lost her life doing what she loved,” Breadon said.

Breadon’s favorite genre of music is country and pop.

“I like the beat and it’s cool to listen to different types, and with friends saying country is awful it’s not as bad when you listen to it often,” Breadon said.

In the future, Breadon wants to attend a bigger college when she gets to that point in her life.

“I’m a really social person and enjoy meeting new people,” Breadon said.

When she can carry on her own career later down the road Breadon would enjoy being a pilot or an automotive designer.

“I like to travel and a pilot would be a really cool view of perspectives,” Breadon said. “I think it would also be cool to design cars because they can be really pretty and I love math so it would be cool.”

Through her life she’s learned many things already but her biggest lesson learned would be to not spread rumors because what goes around comes around.

“My mom always told me stories of how it affected her in high school, and it was the littlest, stupidest things that came back to bite her in the long run,” Breadon said.

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