Young journalists take on MIPA


Mouse in hand sixth grader Rian Turner continues work on the Yearbook Kickstart project. Her project is to create an entire yearbook spread before she leaves. Turner has hopes to return to the MIPA Summer workshop another summer to get some more new experiences. | Photo by Sarah Sims

Around 1400 miles away, middle schooler Rian Turner finds her way to Michigan State University for a week of journalism camp from Florida. She has never had experience with publications before, but had an initial interest in the class.

“I wanted to have a new experience,” Turner said. “Instead of going to school and having to do it all year because I might not have liked it. I’m just trying it out.”

Turner is a Howard middle school student, and the youngest student at camp this year. She is taking the Yearbook kick start class. So far this week the kickstarters have learned basics in photography, design and how to use programs.

Her mom researched sleep-away camps she could attend in Michigan during the time she spent staying with her grandparents this summer. Turner’s mom stumbled upon the MIPA page and booked it.

“This is my fourth week in Michigan,” Turner said. “Last week I was with my Grandma and Grandpa and a few weeks ago I was at another sleep-away camp.”

Turner’s favorite part of camp has been staying on campus and living in the dorms but being the youngest camper can have drawbacks.

“On Monday I was a little homesick,” Turner said. “When I go to camp I’m used to having a ton of people that are my age and so many people are so much older than me. That’s just different.”


Middle school campers Paige Kendra, Victoria Breadon and Hadley Hilner from East MS working on stories in their feature writing class. They have been working on their interviewing skills and receiving story assignments. | Photo by Sarah Sims.

Turner is not the only one here from a middle school. Other students include Paige Kendra, Victoria Breadon and Hadley Hilner. They are here at camp from East middle school, but this is not their first event with MIPA.

“There was a school trip to MIPA,” Breadon said. “We go to [MIPA conferences] during the fall and spring. My teacher actually recommended it to me.”

All three girls from East middle school plan to continue exploring journalism throughout middle school and high school being apart of yearbook or newspaper. For Turner, she will continue to think about the idea of journalism and hopes to return to MIPA.



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Giuseppe says:
Aug 02, 2016

This was a really interesting article. The angle of covering an outsider, in this case the youngest person in camp, gave nice perspective. Quote usage was well selected also.

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