Coming to MIPA 2015? Consider these takeout tips

To have a more comfortable and fun dorm life, late night takeout is always a good option. For avoiding problems when ordering, follow these tips.

Time Manage:

Make sure there’s a good time gap between when you order and curfew. 45 minutes is probably a realistic delivery time. If you’re ordering for lunch make the order around 20 minutes before lunch even starts so you’re not sitting in the cafeteria for an hour.

For example, Monday night Seaholm High School’s News Editor, Monisha Gowda ordered some Insomnia Cookies to have with her friends. They ordered around 10:20 p.m. Around 10:50 p.m. they went down to the lobby and as 11 o’clock came the cookies didn’t arrive so they had to go back to their floor and cancel their order.

“There was another group of girls that had the same thing happen” Gowda said.

Realizing their mistake, they ordered again the next night and enjoyed their cookies.

“While I feel sad we didn’t get our cookies yesterday, it’s understandable,” Gowda said. “You can’t compromise on good quality. They’re Insomnia Cookies after all. Call earlier, they need to master their perfection.”

Gowda’s Insomnia Cookies she ordered Tuesday night with her friends.


Always have the money ready when you go pick up the food. Ask friends if they want in. It’s cheaper and it’s a fun way to spend time with friends. Make sure everyone contributes an equal amount. Try not to have other people put in more money unless they absolutely need to and they’re paid back

Gowda and her friends ordered again and ended up contributing more than her friends and one didn’t even have the money to pay her back.

“In the moment, I was like ‘ah, bummer, my wallet’s a little sad’, but I guess I’m fine now overall just because I know they’ll pay me back,” Gowda said. “It’s definitely nice to get change right away but it happens and it’s understandable.”

Keep it simple:

The more complicated your order is, the longer it will take to be delivered and the more likely they will mess up on your food.

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