Lakota East student uses #Mipa2013 to connect to others

From first time camp goers, to old-timers, MIPA students are encouraged to use the hashtag #MIPA2013 for any MIPA-related tweets. Lakota East Senior and staff member of Lakota Spark, Morgan Bain, uses twitter to connect and make new friends.

“I’ve met other people through my tweets,” said Bain. “Someone actually found me through the hashtag and started following me. Later on we found out we were in the same class!”

But, it’s not just a social status, social media can even help students as journalists. Bain admits to using it to her advantage when writing stories to help her find sources.

MIPA Workshop Director, Chad Sanders, agrees, “It [Twitter] can be a quick and easy way to find people and sources.”  He does warn against mixing your personal and professional life on Twitter because it is so open. He suggests using a Facebook page instead for business-related purposes.

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